Education Opportunities

Lake Superior Hospice offers many opportunities to receive education on special interest topics related to healthcare, hospice, advance directives and palliative medicine  to name a few. Please contact Kymber Beltrame at or call 906-225-7760 if you are interested in having someone from Lake Superior Hospice provide education.


Education Opportunities for 2015

Volunteer Trainings
Audience: Anyone who is interested in learning more about hospice care and perhaps is interested in volunteering, although it is not necessarily expected that you will become a volunteer following the training.
Time Needed: 10 hour training (typically over a weekend)
Dates: Spring & Fall
Outline: All aspects of hospice care.
Contact: To find out how to register for a Volunteer Training contact  Kymber Beltrame, Volunteer Coordinator at 906-225-7760 or email


Illness & the Spirit Workshop
Church or faith groups, civic groups and others as requested.
Time Needed: 2-3 hours depending on group size
Dates: As requested and scheduled by the organization and Lake Superior Hospice.
Outline: This education opportunity is designed to focus on end of life issues and fears/questions of death, serious illness and caregiving. We cover topics that may be difficult to talk about with others and open a safe environment with trigger tapes, work books, small group work and facilitated discussion by a medical professional.
Contact: To discuss opportunities contact Kymber Beltrame, Volunteer Coordinator at 906-225-7760 or email